Surgical Treatments to Heal Your Rotator Cuff Tear

If you’ve suffered a severe sings of a rotator cuff injury that involves a tear of the tendon or muscle, you may require surgical intervention to regain full mobility and use of your shoulder. Fortunately, there are several treatment options to remedy your pain and discomfort and return you to your accustomed quality of life. Here are the surgical treatments available to correct rotator cuff tears.

Rotator Cuff Tear Treatment Options
Based on the severity of your injury, your doctor may recommend treatments such as:

Arthroscopic tendon repair
By inserting a thin arthroscopic camera through tiny incisions in the shoulder, this procedure offers the least invasive method to repair a torn rotator cuff by reattaching the torn tendon to the bone.

Open tendon repair
Suggested for more complex tears, this surgery re-attaches the damaged tendon to the bone by using a larger incision than the arthroscopic option.

Mini-open tendon repair
This procedure requires a much smaller incision and uses advanced technology and arthroscopic instruments to perform a tendon repair similar to the open procedure.

Tendon transfer
If the torn tendon is too damaged to be reattached, your surgeon may suggest a tendon transfer or an augmentation graft reinforcement. Using a combination of open and arthroscopic surgical techniques, this procedure repairs massive rotator cuff tears with a graft patch made of cadaver tissue or other synthetic or biological material that is sewn into the rotator cuff tendon and sutured to the arm bone.

Shoulder replacement
Complete shoulder replacement surgery is only recommended in instances of severe rotator cuff injury. Also known as reverse shoulder arthroplasty, this innovative procedure involves the installation of an artificial joint socket onto the arm bone and a ball joint affixed to the shoulder blade.

Specialized Consultations
To determine the best treatment option for your rotator cuff tear, consult with the orthopedic specialists at the Advanced Orthopedics Institute. At AOI, our rotator cuff surgeries are mostly outpatient procedures that do not require an overnight hospital stay. If you are experiencing shoulder pain that could be caused by a rotator cuff tear, give AOI a call today at 352-751-2862 to schedule your appointment.