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For all of our advanced technologies and leading edge breakthroughs in joint repair and replacement, the advancements we at AOI are most proud of are those that our patients make in reclaiming their quality of life. If you are experiencing pain or weakness in a knee, shoulder, or hip and feel it’s time to do something about it, there’s no time like right now. Come see us, we’re here for you.


Alfred J. Cook, Jr, MD
Specializing in

Sports Medicine, Shoulder Surgery, Cartilage Regeneration.

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What people are saying about AOI

“I’m very thankful for Dr. Cook and what he’s done for me. I really enjoyed my experience with Dr. Cook, and I’m really pleased.”


“They’re the best. The thing I love most about them, the most important thing, is they’re very upfront with you. They tell you what to expect and everything that’s going on. You can’t ask for better than that.”