In a realm where expertise and compassion converge, the Advanced Orthopedic Institute (AOI) emerges as a beacon of orthopedic excellence, an establishment that seniors across The Villages and beyond can trust with their musculoskeletal health.

Established in 2016 by the visionary Dr. Alfred Cook, AOI specializes in restoring vitality and mobility to individuals experiencing joint pain and musculoskeletal issues. The institute’s sterling reputation is a testament to its commitment—to not just treat the ailment but to understand the person behind the pain.


For those enjoying their golden years, nothing is more important than maintaining an active lifestyle. Dr. Cook recognizes this desire, whether it involves perfecting a golf swing or engaging in a spirited game of pickleball. Their individualized approach ensures that every treatment plan is tailored to fit each patient’s unique life.

“Our philosophy is simple,” says Dr. Cook. “We listen to you, we understand your life, and we treat you—not just your symptoms.” This empathetic approach is what sets AOI apart, as treatments are not just about managing pain, but enhancing the overall quality of life.


At AOI, the comprehensive list of services includes hip and knee replacement, shoulder replacement, and meticulous rotator cuff repairs. Sprains, fractures, tendonitis, and cartilage injuries are addressed with equal precision, ensuring residents enjoy minimized discomfort and swift recoveries.

Dr. Cook’s pioneering contributions to shoulder replacement surgery and surgical navigation underscore AOI’s mission to bring the future of precision medicine to today’s healthcare. Meanwhile, Dr. Williams’ notable expertise in hip and knee replacement is bolstered by his tenure as the director of total joint replacement at Albert Einstein Medical Center.


Above all, the Advanced Orthopedic Institute is a place where promises are kept. The promise to provide unparalleled orthopedic care within a nurturing environment rings true every day. Countless successful outcomes and a steady stream of referrals serve as evidence that at AOI, excellence isn’t an aspiration—it’s the norm.

Whether through conservative approaches or groundbreaking surgeries, Dr. Cook and the dedicated team continue to reinforce their undying pledge—to gift every patient with the freedom of movement and the promise of tomorrow’s innovations, today.


AOI’s influence extends beyond the operating room into the heart of the community it serves. Through partnerships with local health organizations and sponsorship of health education events, Dr. Cook and the team are committed to raising awareness about the importance of orthopedic health and preventative care measures. These outreach programs are designed not only to educate the public but also to provide screenings that can help in early diagnosis and treatment, thereby potentially avoiding the need for surgery. “Our goal is to keep our community moving, one step at a time,” says Dr. Cook, emphasizing the institute’s holistic approach to orthopedics and wellness.


At the heart of AOI’s mission lies a profound commitment to patient-centric care. This model prioritizes the unique needs and preferences of each patient, treating them not as cases but as valued individuals with their own stories and journeys toward healing.

This approach extends beyond medical treatments to include emotional and psychological support, recognizing that healing is a holistic process. The team at AOI leverages the latest medical technology alongside compassionate care to devise personalized treatment plans that align with each patient’s lifestyle and goals, ensuring optimal outcomes and enhanced quality of life.