5 Tips for Preventing Shoulder Injuries

If your profession or active lifestyle requires constant shoulder motion, rotation, or strain such as raising heavy objects above your head or playing sports like golf or swimming, shoulder pain can be unavoidable. Luckily, there are preventative steps you can take to mitigate shoulder pain and minimize shoulder injury so you can avoid things like a total shoulder arthroplasty. Here are five tips for preventing shoulder injuries.

1) Stay healthy
Keeping your body in the best shape possible through healthy diet and exercise can go a long way toward preventing injury.

2) Exercise properly.
Stretching and warming up is crucial before beginning any cardiovascular or strength training exercises such as running or weightlifting. Prior to working-out, rotate your arms, shoulders, and head and neck to loosen up the muscles surrounding your joints and avoid cramps and strains.

3) Don’t overreach.
Laziness is responsible for many avoidable injuries. Instead of taking the effort to stand, bend, or ask for assistance, many people will overextend their arm in order to reach an object. Overreaching can severely weaken your shoulder and result in pulled muscles, strained tendons, and torn ligaments.

4) Be cautious.
Always be mindful of how you use your shoulders while at home and on-the-job. Use your legs and squat to lift heavy objects instead of straining your back and shoulders. Practicing proper posture when you sit or stand can also help prevent should injury.

5) Listen to your shoulder.
Ignoring persistent shoulder pain can only make thing worse. If your shoulder gets sore easily or if you’re no longer able to lift your arm above your head to perform routine activities, contact our doctors at Advanced Orthopedics Institute.

Consult with a Shoulder Injury Specialist
If you’re experiencing extreme pain and loss of shoulder function, the orthopedists at AOI are on hand to help to remedy your discomfort and return you to a pain-free lifestyle. Contact us today to set up an appointment.